Introducing Me!

I’ve always struggled with the question “Tell me about yourself.” Now that I’ve written it, I note, it’s not even a question, rather a request when preceeded with a please, or a demand, when not. It is touted as one of the best ice-breakers by HR consultants and business interviewers alike, but to me, it sounds rather thoughtless – you don’t even know what you want to know about me!

Anyway, this post is not about dumb questions, it’s about me – an ex-investment-banker-turned-blogger-mommy. Let’s start with the basics. I’m a female (oh yay!) in her thirties (not so bad, I hope) who’s slammed the door in the rat’s face, after having been tired of the race (did I just make Dr. Seuss proud?).

Mommyhood changes you in many ways. It makes you fat, for one, but unpredictable paradigm shifts take place in your mind and your outlook on and about life and what you want to do with it changes. So, one fine day you wake up and can’t wait to get to the office to say, “I quit”.

If you’re a high energy individual and are used to multi-tasking and racing against time, the slow pace of activity at home, or the absence of tangible work products may bother you a bit. So, I launched a neat little online store for children’s clothing, with one difference – these kids like hamburgers and have tummies to show for it.

Now, on to my personality. I once attended a leadership workshop at the London Business School, where each of our focus group participants was asked to describe the others as an animal. I’ve been tagged as a bulldog, an arctic fox, a hawk and other stuff I don’t remember now. So every once in a while, you may sense a pounce and tear instinct running through my posts – just bear with me. I’m totally harmless, from the respectable distance that we have between us, and can be very charming, if I try.

Ok, enough about me, let’s think of you, for a moment. What you should expect to read on this blog is rather wide in scope, which is another way of saying, be prepared to hear whatever I happen to rant about, based on which side of the bed I woke up on. This can be parenting, travel, society, life, people, politics, health & well-being, fashion, relationships, even religion, if I’m so inclined.

My motivation for starting this blog is self-preservation during my retirement days (not sure how long that lasts). Mommies of young children, need to reach out to others, when their kids are safely tucked away in their beds, to keep themselves sane, and to discover that normal is a very abnormal word.

Feel free to write to me, and share your views on the blog.


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